Saw this just in time for #truDublin, where there will be discussions on recruitment-related content, employer brand etc . Today I saw this post on the Groupon blog about being a new starter. Wasn’t sure if the post was written by a new starter but after reading the post further it turns out it links to current vacancies at Groupon.

The post then led me to the Groupon HR tips blog which seems to contain lots of jobseeker type tips and is part of the recruitment content offering from Groupon – all contained in its job site.

First impressions of the job site:

What let’s the Groupon job site down is its content. There is not a lot of it and it is mostly article based – some pictures, a lot of words and no video, audio, games etc.

It is also ambiguous – I thought I was reading about a new starter at Groupon, which I thought sounded interesting. It was not about that at all so I didn’t get what I was being promised.

Overall, I think it needs work on the content but I guess it is early days.