Today Paidcontent reports that Audioboo is planning changes to help it make some serious money. There is not a huge change for users but significantly new free users will get only three minutes recording time rather than the current five minutes.

Current free users will see their five minute limit reduced to three minutes in a year’s time.

Pay £60 and you get a lot more recording time and other features. So, will the £60 be worth it? Instant gut reaction says yes. It is a reasonable price point for me: I use the service a lot so do not have problem paying £5 a month.

That said I have not explored the competition. However, I do really like the app and use it a lot . . . you can hear my 70 or so boos here.

If I stay with Audioboo, then this is a fitting boo from my son.
One more step along the world I go (mp3)