I have been doing quite a bit of event coverage over the last few months and it is still amazes me what I can do with an i-phone 4 and a handful of apps.

These are the apps I use. I am sure there are others which would be very useful too, so please add them in the comments.

1 Audioboo
Instantly publish audio interviews (up to 5 minutes long). Delegates at events seem to prefer audio to video, in my experience. Audioboo provides an embed code so you can share the interview easily. [My Audiooboos]

2 Posterous
Thanks to Lesanto for pointing me to this. The Posterous app enables you to distribute event content via a Posterous blog. So for the event, set up a Posterous blog and then set the blog to distribute to your chosen networks eg Facebook, Flickr, Youtube and so on. When you use the Posterous app to upload video and images from your phone it will distribute to your chosen network. Genius. [My #truleeds posterous]

3 Youtube
Publish video coverage straight into your Youtube channel. If you are using a Posterous blog/app then you can upload video through that. Once it publishes to Posterous it will be published to your Youtube channel.

4 Tweetdeck
Your event should have a hashtag and you will need to keep an eye on it to share your coverage and to respond to what others are saying. Tweetdeck is the app I use to manage Twitter – using Tweetdeck I can monitor the hashtag for the event.