The second connectinghr unconference featured a set of artists from Creative Connection who spent the day drawing and painting what they saw and heard.

I had never seen this type of event content creation before but I thought it worked really well. All day the artists – who were at the back of the vast space – created picture stories of what they could hear and what they saw. There were also points in the day when the artists asked for delegates to share their best tweet of the day.

And at the end of the day, delegates gathered to hear Tom Caswell, who was running the creative effort, talk through what he and his team had created – see videos below.

This review of the day was very engaging – playing back a day’s worth of learning and discussion in such a way was very powerful.

This is a very interesting addition to the usual types of content creation at events ie tweets, blog posts, video, audio etc. And I bet delegates never thought they had covered so much ground.