I am going to overhaul the look of this blog and as a starting point I have just had a long chat with a family friend who is also an illustrator. We got talking about a new logo for this blog plus a video idea I have which will cover the types of skills I have and can offer (if freelance is what I end up doing).

I shared my frustration at how difficult I think it is to describe what you do in one line (for professional purposes, that is). This wasn't a problem when I was employed because I had a job title. Now I am out there in the big, wide world and every web service I use needs a punchy biog.

And that is the problem – coming up with a few words that capture who I am and what I offer and without using jargon and sounding naff. I thought it would be easy having been a journalist but for some reason it is harder than I thought.

So far I have . .  . Content and digital engagement specialist (plus trainer) looking for new opportunities on Twitter and Linkedin.

This can be improved. My illustrator friend said I should ask people I know to describe me. Maybe I'll do that (feel free to do so in the cmments). He then made reference to this clip in Grosse Point Blank in which John Cussack prepares for his high school reunion . . . glad to see I'm not alone, then 😉