I have a bit of time thanks to the redundancy money so am trying to do a proper job in preparing my CV and getting focussed on what I want to do next.

As a part of the my redundancy package I get access to the Penna Sunrise system, an online resource for jobseekers. It has loads in it including a set of tools to help you identify your work values, competencies, achievements etc.

I have never spent much time looking into this but I am this time – I figure that if I do my homework I will be a lot clearer about what I want and how to get it. The Sunrise system is packed with tools, tests etc.

So far, it has been useful and time well spent. Competency-based CVs are popular and in order to have a decent one I need to have a list of skills and achievements that support my competencies.

I quite like the STAR acronym to describe how I would explain my achievements in an interview – Situation, Task, Action and Result.

One curve ball thrown out by the system that did make me laugh was provided by the career matching service. It reminds me of the career questionnaires I used to fill out at school which would always come back with ridiculous suggestions.

Based on my answers I am currently well matched to be an artist, business owner and pop star to name but a few.

My great, great uncle Joseph Tabrar wrote the smash hit Daddy Wouldn't buy me a Bow Wow but I don't think that's what I'm aiming to do next . . . you will be pleased to hear!