I’ve been enjoying this morning’s discussion from the Like Minds conference and especially the discussion around who’s a publisher.

Do you have to make money from content to be a publisher? Can brands be publishers? If you work in the media/publishing, you have probably seen, heard or been a part of these types of discussions.

I’m not sure it really matters where you sit on such debates and I am not sure people outside of the publishing and media industry care that much. What matters is that content equals eyeballs and ears etc.

If the content itself is the commodity – ie you pay for it – then that raises separate isssues (see paywall etc) for publishers, but the act of publishing is now open to us all.

Maybe it is time for publishers to look outside of their niche and learn from how others create, market, filter, curate, aggregate and remix content.

For the rest of us, content is crucial to engaging with people and communicating effectively and we would do well to borrow from some of what publishing has taught us. Namely: