Quite literally a spluttering start. There I was a week before Christmas thinking that, despite it being a quiet time for recruitment, I would be looking around to see what might be available, starting to get my Linkedin profile in better order, sorting out this blog and my web prescence as a whole, starting to connect with people etc. I even had my outplacement appointment booked.

But no. A bad flu virus floored the family for two weeks. We are now just recovering, which is timely as I have to be in Sutton on Friday to say au revoir to XpertHR. That said, I still have lots of admin to do. EEK.

Flu was a pain but it didn't stop me thinking about my next steps. Not being able to do much about it was frustrating. Today has been good because I feel I have actaully been able to do something about my next steps. I have been dropping notes to people around the business, talking to some peeps on Twitter and generally connecting with some of my network. This feels positive and like I am making progress. It reminds me that:

I also have a couple of articles to write for other people, which I am looking forward to getting on with.

So, a slow start to the big job hunt but to be expected what with flu and Christmas.

Next big thing this week will be my first meeting with Penna as a part of my outplacement support. Really looking forward to that as I'm thinking my career could go in a few different directions.

Finally, I really enjoyed Mervyn's post about 'social' job hunting. We are both looking for new roles so will be interesting to compare notes with him. I like the use of his WordPress blog to showcase who he is and what he does – his living CV. 

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