Quick update: reason I posted this is because I think that the value of attending an event is in the learning you gain through discussion with speakers and delegates. There is no need to pay for expensive venues and lunches to learn from others. And you should not have to pay for the presentations – meeting the speakers, now that is more valuable. Am a big fan of the Tru unconferences and the connectingHR unconference.


  1. To hear from and talk to specialists/experts in the topics
  2. To meet interesting and useful people
  3. To learn from other delgates

Increasingly, it is the third point that is the most important for me. And the best way of learning from others is to have a conference format that enables discussion between delegates, which is why I like the unconference format so much – more on that in my post on the differences between a conference and an unconference.

If there is a forum to share and learn then I think the conference fee is probably worth it.

PS I’d pay, but won’t pay silly money . . .