Not posted a job search update recently so thought I would go with this. Recruitment consultants have jobs that I am interested in, but I would like to see some improvements in how I am treated. Here is my wishlist. Am I asking too much?

So here are the 20 things I would like from a recruitment consultant . . .

  1. To be shown jobs that actually exist
  2. To be acknowledged by phone when I submit my CV
  3. To have read my CV before I talk to you – so you already have a feel for my skills and experience
  4. To check me out online before you call me – read my blog, my Linkedin profile, my testimonials
  5. To be open-minded about what roles I would be suitable for
  6. To ask me what other types of role I might be interested in
  7. To help me with my CV if you think it needs it – especially for roles where I do not perfectly fit the job descripton
  8. To show some understanding of the sector I have worked in and the types of skills that are important
  9. To not label me – ie your career history shows xxx so I will only put you up for similar roles
  10. To take personal responsibility for me – I don't want to talk to your colleagues about different jobs (especially from the same employer)
  11. To communicate about an application in a regular and timely fashion – so I know what is going on
  12. To manage my expectations – don't tell me I'll get an interview quickly without knowing that is actually the case
  13. To tell me I did not got an interview
  14. To tell me why I did not get an interview
  15. To call me with other opportunities
  16. To get to know me a bit more online and start to build a relationship
  17. To facilitate meetings with employers outside of the formal application process
  18. To point me to relevant networking information around skills, employers, target sectors
  19. To be my job search eyes and ears – as much as you can
  20. To make me feel you are on my side

Currently you get paid for the placement. But what if I was the fee paying customer? If you did all the above then I'd be prepared to pay for the service much like I would for financial advice, for example.

This post was inspired by a great post on this topic by Greg Savage.