Jobs wordle edited

One of my job search RSS feeds is for social media jobs. Today I thought I would take 10 advertised jobs and create a Wordle of the job descriptions to see if there is anything surprsing.

Wordles work by making words bigger based on their frequency. So, the more a word has been mentioned in the 10 job descriptions I have picked the bigger it appears.

I don't think there is anything surprising. Most employers are looking for skills and experience in the following areas: social media, content, creativity, engagement.

One thing is for sure: these are marketing roles. That makes it more challenging for the likes of me to land such a role. Couple of things occured to me:

  1. I can understand that businesses put social media into the marketing function but what of other areas of the business that use social media? Anyone who creates content on a regular basis will use social media too. Optimising the rest of the business could be very powerful for businesses
  2. Other functions in the business such as internal communications, HR and learning and development are starting to use social media tools so I would have expected to see some roles advertised that reflect this. That is not the case – not so far anyway.
  3. The job descriptions make little play of internal engagement with social media ie these are outward facing roles. Surely this is a missed opportunity as other teams within businesses will be using social media tools internally and externally. Will social media become siloed in marketing?

The job descriptions used:

  1. Social media creative lead
  2. Social media community executive
  3. Social media analyst
  4. Head of acquisition marketing/social media marketing
  5. Social media account director
  6. Social media content producer
  7. Social media director
  8. Social media manager
  9. Social media consultant
  10. Digital social media analyst