Enjoyed this article by Steve Hewlett on how newspapers can make money from content.

Steve highlights the latest development from the Independent, the i – a 20p daily tabloid for commuters.

Why is this interesting? Because it is trying to provide content in the right format, at the right place and time, as summed up in this quote . . .

His i is designed specifically to meet the needs of a particular group of consumers at a particular point in their day. It is in that sense perhaps better thought of as a "service" for people who do want news, information, analysis and even comment but delivered in a way that suits them when and where they want it.

The idea of a paper for commuters is not a new one obviously, but the idea of providing a more tailored service for a particular group of readers like this is interesting.

Let's face it, newspapers desparately need to reinvent how they engage with their readers so it is good to see some experimentation — let's see if it works.