UPDATE: After a call to lost property last night I find that no one has handed it in. Will try again tonight but I suspect it has gone for good. I'm absolutely sure that I would have reclaimed my Blackberry if I had been able to talk to someone at Weston Super Mare.

I left my Blackberry on the train last night – or at least I think I did. It got caught up in the paper I was reading and I left the paper on the train.

I didn't realise I had done this until I was halfway to my house from the station. As I got off at Bath Spa and the train was travelling to Weston Super Mare and I knew my seat number I thought I would call Weston station and ask a member of staff if they could locate it.

A couple of years back I left a bag of video kit on a train and the station staff (at Sutton, surrey) were incredibly helpful – phoning down the line etc. I ended up getting the kit back on that occassion. So, knowing how helpful staff can be I assumed I could call Weston station for help.

But no. National Rail Enquiries and First Great Western (who run Weston station) do not have – or rather give out – numbers for stations.

The only way to contact the station is to ask a member of staff at a station (Bath Spa in my case) to phone for me. I wasn't told this until quite late on last night.

So, today I found out the train ended up at Weston Super Mare at 21.50 and then went to a depot near Bristol to be cleaned. I won't find out if the Blackberry has been found until 6pm – that is the time each day when Bristol lost luggage receives left items from items left on trains in the Bristol area for the previous 24 hours.

If you leave something on a train and you realise before you are too far away from a station, get the staff to call the next station.

I still can't believe the public cannot call a train station direct.