This is going to be a glass half empty post so apologies now (been on holiday BTW, which is why it has been so quiet around here).

Here goes . . . as the jobs market in the UK gets tighter and more people become unemployed so demand for jobs will increase.

But, will this see more people transfer across industry sectors with their highly transferable skills? I don't think so. And you know why? Because hiring managers will stick to those with 'industry knowledge'. Well you would, wouldn't you?

Can you envisage a financial services employer taking someone from the public sector above someone with a similar skills set with a background in financial services? I can't.

The reason I raise this is because the jobs market will soon be awash with candidates with transferable skills - there is a real opportunity for employers to bring in people with different experiences and for candidates to move in newer and different directions.

The problem is that employers will be faced with a 'safe pair of hands' versus an 'unknown outsider' and at hiring manager level that counts for a lot. Why take the risk?

Maybe I am totally wrong on this – I just hope that out of the forthcoming period of unemployment we see some innovative recruiting.