I was prompted to write this list after a friend I hadn't heard from asked me about our move out of London. So here is a very brief review of what happened . . .

Dec 08 Move to Bath following long discussions on where would be best to bring up a family. New Cross not great, suburbs dull, decent parts of London too expensive. Roisin is from Bath so we thought what the hell and did it. Plan was to move late 09 but Autumn 08 saw housing market slide and we thought it would take an age to sell the house. It didn't. I was going to change career (slightly) so I could be based in Bath but recession but a stop to that.

Jan Start commute to Sutton – Mon to Thurs in office working at Travel Weekly. Roisin pregnant – that wasn't the plan, not just yet. Due July. Very tough being away from family most of the week.

June Start a new job at XpertHR – user development editor – new role and a bit more flexibility. No direct reports so less emphasis on being in the office. Start building works on house – a family friend does the job. Due to be finished by 15 July (baby arrival date) but works take four months and we are still stuck in legal wranglings over payments.

July – Rosa Couzins born (hurrah)

September – Lewis starts school. He looked so cute in his uniform.

October – start working three days in office, two from home. Makes a huge difference. Means I leave on Monday morning and return on Wednesday in time for children's bed time. Dad dies. Unexpected, shocking, upsetting. Mum had a mild stroke a few weeks earlier so we were concerned about her. Dad dying was not in our thinking. He died quickly in his own bed. The best way to go. Mum is coping very well and my brother gave a lovely eulogy at the funeral.

We have also had an ongoing planning application problem which is now at appeal stage.

Roisin and the boys have coped remarkably with so much change. We are all healthy and are looking forward to getting a loft conversion (hopefully) so Rosa can have a room!!