In my previous job search post I talked about the CV not being dead and was perturbed about the fact this paper-based tradition of sharing your skills had not yet turned fully digital.

Some recent blog posts about the need to go digital and use the free tools out there have cheered me up.

There are loads more advice articles out there but these are the ones I came across since my last job search post.

I'm particularly interested in the Linkedin CV builder . . . going to check that out soon. In actual fact, as I said last time, I am looking for an overhaul of my blog, Twitter etc and am looking at a multi-media approach to presenting me and what I have to offer. Be afraid.

Thinking of getting video testimonials – or is that naff?

Previous job search posts (I am only starting – this list will grow . . .)

So the CV is not dead yet, then?

So, it's farewell XpertHR and hello . . .