Been away so this is an update of what happened to my original post on why NUJ must be focussed on training right now.

The post was picked up by Adam with a post entitled: NUJ: Still not 'getting' social media [30 comments]

Then Adam again in this post: NUJ: 'Effing blogs' [54 comments]

NUJ and Adam Tinworth’s ‘effing’ blog by Kevin Anderson on Strange Attractor.

Kevin Anderson at The Guardian posted: NUJ training chair at centre of blog storm [79 comments]

Then Adam: The NUJ and social media – a few follow-ups

Adam again: The NUJ, Social Media and Video Conversation

I have also had some comments via Twitter and email, which I will follow up shortly in a separate post.

If you read the comments to the related blog posts you will see how the conversation took a different course and got quite personal and not very nice in places. The comments (and number of them) and the way the conversation developed are quite an eye-opener.

Heaven knows what would-be union members would make of this. I find the whole thing quite depressin.

All is not doom and gloom, however, as i had a couple of more constructive comments from NUJ members in Scotland about the type of training they are developing for members.

More on that shortly.