Thanks to Nicki for this story about the  Forum of Professional Recruiters and Association of Professional Staffing Companies merging. Recruiter should link news alerts back to their site. tut, tut.

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FPR and APSCo to merge The Forum of Professional Recruiters (FPR) is merging with the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo).

The FPR represents recruiters in a variety of sectors, such as accountancy, law and finance.

Until this year, APSCo specialised in IT, technology and construction/engineering companies and was known as ATSCo.

It now represents the full spectrum of professional sectors, defined broadly as staffing companies that place business professionals at degree level and above.

The merged trade body will focus entirely on the professional sector of the recruitment market. Combined membership turnover is approximately £6bn.

APSCo chief executive Ann Swain described the merger as a "major step forward" which would "quickly generate interest" among other recruiters.

FPR chairman Tara Ricks said: "Both organisations felt that we had a common purpose in gaining recognition for the distinctiveness of the markets in which we operate, compared to those companies involved in recruiting "vulnerable workers".

"We…have been working in parallel for a long while now. The time is right for us to form a consolidated trade association which will have a powerful mandate and voice in the face of a toughening economic climate and a difficult legislative landscape."

FPR members will also benefit from the ATSCo "badge of quality", Ricks said.

Swain said: "We are all absolutely delighted that the FPR, with its very distinguished rota of members, has decided to join forces with us.

"This means that APSCo already represents some of the most impressive businesses in its new markets and can capitalise on its considerable recognition among employers, candidates and government."