Big thanks to @twblog for pointing this out  – – and doing it. This week is British Tourism Week and to mark the occassion travel blogger Darren Cronian started a hashtag #brittourism for followers to post top UK holiday places, tips etc. Here is the original tweet. An inspired idea from Darren.

Nathan at Travel Weekly then fed this hashtag feed into a UK tourism landing page to see what Twitter users post.

All powerful stuff. Interestingly, it was not Visit Britain that came up with the idea but rather a blogger passionate about travel. Note: the importance of bloggers in generating interest/calling people to action/sharing/recommending.

This then got picked up by a travel media brand – and so the hashtag is gaining increasing coverage. nathan points twitter users to the page.

Note also: Visit Britain should be using this hashtag and taking the feed into its site. It then gets a feed of content which it can then comment on, build content around etc. Regional toursit boards could then join the cnversation where relevant. Great content and engagement for British Tourism Week.

All organisations/brands should be getting their heads around this and quickly. Content directly and indirectly talking about your brand is out there now. Time to take advantage of the opportunities.