Thought this post on the Velocity blog put quite simply what is being talked about on a huge scale: that disruptive ideas trump all ideas that go before them. The blog is focussed on marketing but I think this message is true of all online business ideas and businesses that are striving to do things deifferently. These are the qualities of successful disruption . . .

It has to be true – Loud, lame or lyrical bullshit just isn’t sustainable.  The more you can prove the validity of your idea, the stronger it is.

It has to be different – Big ideas incite riots. ‘Me-too’ ideas incite yawns.

It has to be controversial –  If everyone who hears it simply agrees, it’s not disruptive.

It has to generate value –Spiritual ideas are wonderful, but in B2B marketing, a disruptive idea has to make someone money or save them money.