Ages ago I started a search for HR and learning and development blogs. Since then I haven't found that many. I am currently following 13 blogs in my RSS reader – I know there are lots moreand I need to keep casting around.

It was good to see Kriss Dunn's post on HR getting with the social media pogramme. It is quite amazing that HR and training professionals are not staying up to date via an RSS reader. There are really no excuses.

And as for the social networking element, well there is community activity around Personnel Today, HR Zone and Training Zone but it seems quite small scale compared with the size of the communities.

There are are also lots of people to follow on Twitter but I am only just getting my head around this.

I recently attended a facilitation workshop at Bath University Management School and at the end of it there was talk of how the group could stay in touch! I said we could start a Facebook group or do something similar but nothing has come of it so far. Online conversations seemed quite a long way down the list of ways to stay in touch.

There is so much potential for HR/L&D professionals in using social media. Time it was realised.

From a personal perspective, my current employer is only just starting to look at how training content can be used online to share knowledge and expertise. There is a lot of foot dragging on thiS, BUT WHY?

Training content is there but is unused. Experts are in the business but there knowledge is untapped. Time to use the (free) tools that exist to start making the most of all of this.