Paul Mason – economics editor of the BBC's Newsnight – and a former colleague of mine (we worked together at Computer Weekly, gives his views on the future role of the journalist in a recession. Aside from the blogging quip (they wera pyjamas don't you know), he makes some good points.

The way the media is changing poses huge problems for the National Union of Journalists. Not sure the union – and I am a member – is on message with these changes. It would be good for the union to review its training programme to include some basics on audience engagement and the role of the journalist in a digital world.   

He talks of deskilling – 16 year olds who can use video cameras as well as journalists, for example. So what does this mean for trained journalists? He talks of quality, authority, accuracy – all the things journos are paid to provide. BUT, non-paid, non-trained journos also provide this.