A few of us at work – Adam, Andrew and Karl – have been working on a programme of short, sharp and very regular (weekly) training sessions. The media is changing rapidly so there is a need to show and tell what we are up to. We are a large company – with many brands – so there are a) lots of people doing interesting things and b) huge opportunities to share knowledge.

BUT – we are a corporate so tend to be conservative in our approaches to learning and develepmont. 

The issue of rooms and timings seem to have stifled plans to get the programme off the ground. So far, that is.

With Flashmob activities in the back  of my mind, I am thinking we add a bit of spontanaeity to proceedings - different venues, posters/fliers around the place. Obviously this is not radical – but it is more radical in a corporate setting.

And we are a media company. We are meant to be creative, so why not in the way we enagage and develop our people? 

Who knows if we can get some guerilla training off the ground. I am up for trying though.