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Dr Sian Bayne from school of education, Edinburgh University, is showing her Friend Wheel representation of Facebook. She is talking about theories around social media and learning.

Notes images of scholarship are bound up in paper publishing. Time to break away from the 'page metaphor'.

Shares a study of 3 higher ed programmes using social media. Used virtual ethnography (Hine) – how to make boundaries between real and virtual.

Themes: new literacies, appropriation and taming, the uncanny (strange views of second life)

Wiki – volatile and movable text. Students feels it is a more formal space than a discussion forum. Like editing others' work but issue of netiquette. Holyroodpark wiki space as an example

Roland Barthes – death of the author quote – 1977. 'A text is made of multiple . . .' used to expalin wikis.

As for taming – blogs used in conventional course design.

Uncanny – a Freud term. Sian is talking about Second Life and its weirdness – how students find being in Second Life – out of body experience, reanimation, zombies, anxiety, troublesome.

Need to teach a pedagogy of uncertainty. This uncertainy is exciting. An ontological issue.

Higher education stilll requires written work for assessment although student practices are online. The institutions need to catch up.