This is second attempt at this post – please don't crash on me this time Typepad. I can't display  the picture from Twitpic of yesterday's session so here it is [credit Nathan @twblog].

Another successful Elevenses session at RBI yesterday. I curated it and we covered polls, surveys, petitions and quizzes.

A big thanks to @sim89, @mike_berry, @twblog, Caroline at FWi and Dan and Jessica at  RBI's research team.

Between us we looked at PollDaddy, PollyDaddy on Twitter (and here is my poll),, surveymonkey, No10 petitions, mystudiyo and Pledgebank.

Lots of interesting discussion and sharing of knowledge. Also received this advice from RBI corporate comms manager Jane Baldwin [Jane runs the polls on our intranet].

Best polls make you think, laugh or argue amongst yourselves. Or promote debate. The most argument generated was from "which of these of your favourite biscuit?". Loads of letters! Other goodies are "could youdo your boss's job?" "Do you fancy someone you work wth?" "If you had to live through one of these years again, which would you choose?" (Give the choice of two random years). We never give a "don't know" option – I always feel that's an easy get out and doesn't foster debate.
Topical is always good too – but never mention religion or sexuality.