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Today I am  doing a presentation on social media tools for HR and training. I am co-presenting the session with Jeremy Francis from Rhema Group. He asked me to help him out so here I am.

The session is one of the many put on by Wolverhampton University Learning Lab.

This is the order of sessions:

Session 1 – Kathy Trinder – Glasgow Caledonian University
Teaching and Learning in 3D Virtual Worlds: The GCU Experience

Session 2 – Professor Robin Mason – Open University
The impact of Social Networking on Higher Education

Session 3 – Dr Sian Bayne – University of Edinburgh
Researching social media for learning

Session 4 – Jeremy Francis – RHEMA Group, Martin Couzins, Reed Business Information
HR and Training 2.0

I'll be attempting some live blogging throughout the sessions plus some tweeting.