I'm off to a conference this Thursday in Brussels. The train leaves at just before 6am and I wanted to take my fold up bike so I could bike to the conference venue. Cue this page on the Eurostar site.

I love the intro – all very welcoming.

We’d love you to take your bike! Keep your carbon emissions to a minimum when you arrive in Europe after travelling with Eurostar and stay fit at the same time!

BUT, then you get to the nitty gritty. If you can take your folding bike apart – wheels, handlebars – and put it in a bag then you can take it on the train. I don't have a bag for my bike and do not want to pay £40 to get one. No other train I travel on requires me to put my bike in a bag.

So, I could take my bike on the train for a fee of £20 each way. So that would be £40 on top of the £59 ticket. Now it's not looking so cheap to go on the train.

Or, I could get it shipped. Hmmm, I don't think so.

OK, I'll leave it at lost luggage – that's only £8 for 24 hours. But no, that opens at 6am – the train leaves just before then.

I can't lock it up at the station as it will get stolen – foldy bikes have too many removable bits.

And I need my bike when I get back to St Pancras so I can get over to Paddington.

Looks like I will have to take my bike up the night before and leave in lost luggage.

There is no secure bike storage at St Pancras.

How rubbish is that for a company that bangs on about being carbon neutral?