Held my online resources to save you time session today. It was an hour long and full of useful tools to help you at work.

I only had four delegates – this despite pushing it on the comapny intranet. DElegates seemed to really enjoy the session. I certainly learnt a lot and was amazed by how much knowledge there is in our business.

But, this was a tiny turnout for a session that was all about tools to help a journalist do their job better. This was about using tools that would save time and keep you abreast of what was going on in the world, about finding out how others use software to help them do new things.

Such a small turnout represents the scale of the challenge my organisation has engaging journalists in digital skills and processes. It really is mystifying that journalists are so unwilling to make the time (a lunch hour) to find out new ways of working that will help them.

The answer is a far more radical approach to training and development. I hope we can come up with something that can really pull the Luddites out of their zone – for the company's benefit and their own.