Having disbanded the training team we are now creating a new one. Our organisational development director is taking on the training director role. I hadn’t realised our previous director, Carol Eaton, was actually retiring. 

Hilary Harris (the new director) has set up an editorial training committee and I am on it. Hoorah. This is very, very exciting. I have the opportunity to work with Hilary and our editorial development director and one other senior editorial manager to shape learning and development for our journalists.

We had a short meeting yesterday to look at waiting lists for courses and to see which ones to continue for now (based on demand). The upshot is that a time management course is required and I agreed to design and deliver it.

My focus will be on content that applies directly to the business and the way journalists work. I envisage some theory but a lot on how to manage time more effectively and what tools are available to help do this.

My use of a panel in my digital journalism workshop was much liked by Karl (editorial development director)so I intend bringing in two or three people from around the business to share their tips on time management.

Working multi-media does pose time management and prioritisation challenges for journalists but they are not insurmountable.

My first job is to look at the course nomination forms and original course outline to see what delegates are expecting.