So the government suggests that emplyees should have the right to request training (like a flexible working request) and guess what? Employers ie the CBI et al are up in arms because they will have to foot the bill ie they don't want to pay whilst employees are on training courses.

Ah, it's so refreshing to know that employers are so keen to train their employees.

Considering most adults spend 40 hours a week for 45 years of their life in the workplace, the number one and most obvious place for continuing development is the workplace. So why can't employers be more enlightened about learning and development?

The you-want-training-pay-for-it-yourself mentality will at best encourage employees who are keen to learn to get trained and move on – knowing it is up to them and no one else to learn and develop. That equals poor retention of employees who want to learn – arguably the typoe of people that should be reatined and developed.

At worst employees won't take it upon themselves to learn. Is that the type of person employers want? Of course not.

The Government proposals are good – let's hope that business does not derail them