Like this post on East Sleep Publish on how journalists do and don't get on in the changing print/online environment.

There is a reference to some social psychology – that of Muzafer Sherif, who did some work on how individuals in groups relate to one another - which I think is useful as journalists are having to face up to some fundamental changes.

On both an individual and team level colleagues will be feeling less sure of themeselves and this will impact on how people get on. Add in to the mix the fact that journalists are having to adopt new ways of working and one can see how teams could easily start to fall apart.  

From an editorial management perspective, the whole change process needs to be clearly communicated and aligned to the strategy (so there has to be one), step change needs to be mapped out, skills needs assessed, training/coaching provided. AND journalists have to have the right attitude towards chang – so fears need to aired, addressed.