I’m proud of this comment on the group which appeared on the RBI intranet. It is from Justin Stanton, editor, Motor Transport.

The group is an excellent initiative. I only managed to attend a handful of meetings, but they were all useful.

I particularly remember the inaugural meeting, where the key speakers were two RBI heavy hitters: HR director Nathan Cahill and publishing director Trevor Parker. To hear directly from their mouths what the company expects of an editor and, almost more importantly, what they look for on an inter-personal basis in interview was very useful when I next went for an editorship.

What sticks in my head is this thought: how often was I, then a news editor, going to get to spend one hour with two senior RBI managers? It was an invaluable opportunity to hear from them – and for me to raise my profile with them. Perhaps rather cheekily, attending the meetings afforded me the opportunity to scope out the internal competition too!