On Thursday I have the first meeting of the Aspiring Editors' Group at RBI. I have posted on me setting up this group and am very proud so many members of the first group became editors.

Nine journalists are attending and I have three senior speakers too. All very exciting as the speakers will be spelling out what the company expects of editors in terms of skills, experience and capability.

With the media changing so rapidly it will be interesting to hear what the speakers – RBI's editorial development director, organisational development director and a publishing director – feel is important now.

Knowing enough about technology to influence technical teams and to understand how technology can benefit the business must be high on the list. As must be editorial leadership. After all, change needs leaders to show teams the way forward.

But, it's all new so we also need our editors to be risk takers – to try things out and to seize opportunities and to inspire their teams to do so.