My company is currently going through a divestment process and as a fairly senior manager I am starting to notice the impact on day-to-day business.

As I have previously mentioned, as an organisation we are going through a lot of change. This means looking at what we do and how we do it – especially as we are under commercial pressure.

The problem is that – due to divestment – the business is being very tightly managed in terms of cost and it seems that anything viewed as strategic ie more than a month away is not being acted on with the usual speed.

The upshot is that managers such as myself need to be very mindful of managing expectations. This is particularly difficult when you are trying to drive through change.

Added to this is a very real sense of expectation around the sale – who will buying us? Will we lose our pension? What about redundancies? Etc.

So, I can't promise much to the team and I can't say what the business will look like in a couple of months' time. Try as we may to keep a business as usual feel it is hard to sustain it, especially when you are trying to drive through change.