Through the Media Trust I hooked up with Relate to help them with their media strategy and timeline for this year’s 70th anniversary.

I spent a couple of sessions with PR and media executive Cath Allen. I helped Cath with the ideas, and how to breakdown a year’s worth of media activities in to a plan – what to do, when etc. I used my template for my training sessions (aims, objectives, action, deliverable, timing) to help with this and it really worked.

Here is what Cath said after our meetings . . .

Hiya martin, thanks for your help yesterday, I really enjoyed talking to you about the planned activities. You helped me to focus on the point of doing things and gave me some great ideas – especially history magazine, and the idea of using a concept that works with one audience and applying it to another.

Cath has done a great job getting Relate’s birthday activites into the wider media. I was also pleased to help her get a story in the Health Service Journal – never forget B2B titles!