I’m two days away from my train the trainer course with Adlephi Associates and I am getting excited.

I have sent two session plans to Adelphi and hopefully the trainers will look through what I have done and give me some feedback.

The session plans were for a workshop on managing freelance workers and how to build internal and external networks. The latter will work well for the aspiring editors’ group I run and the managing freelancers session is relevant to both publishing and non-publishing environments.

Judging by the way our business is going and the way the media is changing, there will shotly be a need to have skeleton ‘office staff’ only. Most will be based away from the office and many will be on freelance contracts.

And as for networks, well this is the one big learning point for me right now. One’s development is very much about who you know. Take for a given one’s level of experience, skills and aptitude and what else have you got? The people you know and the people that know the people you know and so on. Thankfully, social networking online has made this easier.

It still amazes me how bad people are at networking. Why is that? No drive? No desire to move from where they are and what they know? Happy with where they are?