Had an interesting train chat with a colleague of mine. We were talking about journalists shooting video and that talking head-type shots were boring to look at. These are the video extension of a vox pop in print. It works in print but is dull in motion.

We agreed that journalists need to be far more imaginative about shooting video BUT I said that if you give most journalists a video camera and said go to an event and get some interesting footage they would be fearful of what they had to do. Why? For a number of reasons, but primarily because journalists trained in print do not feel confident about shooting video and do not have any kind of visual skills – or they don’t think they do.

Although the context is journalism I think the issue is all about how you get people to take risks, to put their knowledge and experience and perceptions of what is required to one side and to try something different. Because that is what this is about for digital journalists. It is all about trying different styles of video and seeing what works. And the exploration of new techiques is such a powerful way to learn.

The challenge is to be able to convince, reassure and encourage people to have a go. And this is easier said than done.