When I started the session I asked delegates what skill they wanted to develop over the coming year. This is what they said:

A couple of delegates also wanted to build contacts – which is obviously key for a journalist. I put it to the group that there are now many ways to build contacts both off and online.

I provided the delegates with a feedback form which asked the following questions:

I also provided delegates with the option to leave their email so I could email them links to digital journalism blogs – something they all wanted me to do.

I'm not going to provide all the answers to the feedback here BUT all delegates did like the session and thought the trainer was good (knowledgeable and enthusiastic were mentioned a few times).

Learning points for me
The room was a bad room for training – I was stood in the middle of a computer room with a pull down screen that made it difficult to see my presentations

  1. I raced through a piece of group work. In fact, I changed the format of the group work because the room was not right for it. What I ended up was a quick fix. It was OK but could have been better.
  2. Setting some aims at the start with the delegates is a great way to anchor the session, to keep focus and to help conclude.
  3. I did not provide handouts – some did ask for them so must provide in future.
  4. This group had different needs to that of the journalists I have presented to. I really do need to think about who is in the session and how much knowledge and experience they have. From this I can design a relevant session and set the right tone.

After the session I talked to course tutor Sue Dawson. She said LCC is looking at reworking its courses to cover media convergence.

She is keen for me to come back next term. I'll take that as success.