Had a great meeting this week which was in effect a training needs analysis for the editorial side of the business.

The session was run by our OD director and covered a lot of ground – from an overview of the editorial ‘roles’ and tasks that are required to the types of skills that the business was looking to develop going forward as well as an attempt to capture the editorial process.

The session did feel like a brainstorm but the key to its effecriveness was the way it was structured. There were also key people from around the business, although only half a dozen in total. This was a good number for such a session.

When we looked at the skills required for the business we focussed on the following areas: management, information gathering, content creation, editing, magazine production, web production, community and selling/marketing/making money (loathe to use the word monetising).

Under these categories we brainstormed skills and then prioritised them and clustered them. The next step will be to drill down a bit and come up with a priority list of skills.

All good – and great to be a part of this. My first senior level piece of training needs analysis.

AND, one of the board directors mention ‘commiunities of practice‘.