Liked this piece on overuse of Powerpoint by trainers on Personnel Today. I particularly liked the quiz, which I have lifted (thanks, Personnel Today).

Q&A: Are you state-of-the art or state of the ark?

1. The night before a training session, do you:

a) Stay up late photocopying hand-out sheets?

b) Relax in the knowledge that all your information is uploaded onto your interactive whiteboard?

2. You've been asked to organise a pan-European training event at short notice. Do you:

a) Start furiously ringing around hotels and airlines?

b) Send out an e-mail invite to all delegates to join a web conferencing training event next week?

3. You want to show delegates the best way to deal with customers. Do you:

a) Call delegates out in front of the group and embarrass them?

b) Run a short home-made video that perfectly demonstrates your point?

4. You want to make your PowerPoint presentation stand-out. Do you:

a) Paste in some clip art images?

b) Search an online photo archive and pay a small fee for some high-quality pictures?