Just had this in from Brook Street. This is the press release verbatim.

Survey results reveal that 28% of employees had asked for training but found that it never happens

Brook Street, the UK’s leading recruitment company has recently surveyed visitors to its company website www.brookstreet.co.uk asking for feedback on employees experience of training and development in their current job. 

The survey of over 300 people, found that 28% had asked for training in their current job, but found that it never happens.  27% were not aware of any training opportunities at their place of work and 19% said that there was no training available at their place of work.

16% reported a good experience, saying that support is there when they request it and a further 10% said that they were actively encouraged to develop.   

Erika Bannerman, Sales and Marketing Director at Brook Street said: “The survey results reveal the importance of training and development for employees. One of the key findings showed that 28% of those who responded had asked for training but found that it never happens”.

Erika added: “Here at Brook Street we believe that each of our applicants who register with us deserves as full a range of opportunities as possible. We are committed to developing applicants by offering a PC based training experience that helps identify any areas where an applicant might wish to enhance their skills”.

Our PC-based training system is available to support all Brook Street applicants upon registration, allowing us to build a clear picture of the applicants experience and help the applicant identify any areas that may enhance their current skills.

Comment: No excuses for employees not to be aware of training opportunities. But for training requests to come to nothing . . . what are the managers thinking of? Be better to not offer training at all – and that is, let’s face it, not an option.